Parallel Universe Meta | $METAPUL


What is Parallel Universe Meta? (METAPUL)

It is a GameFi project token which investors determine its price and is completely decentralized and connects different universes and realities designed on the fact that a different life you live in games generates income for you in the real world.

How Does It Work?

It automatically calculates the investments that are made by investors and liquidity to achieve better results on the project.

  • 1% will be burned over a 3% deduction of transactions performed on the Swap
  • 2% will be distributed to all holders

How Is It Distributed?

A total of locked 40% will be distributed to players in all games. Then 25% of liquidity will be locked in. %10 will be used for development. The remained %25 will be used for public investors.

According to the number of airdrop tokens that appear to players:

  • 97% of each drop will be sent to the player.
  • 2% to all holders
  • 1% to burn

Why BSC Network?

It is a network with a fully equipped environment to develop high-performance decentralized applications. It also has a policy that values and supports NFT tokens.The big interest and curiosity in game tokens has been made possible by the BSC Network.

How Do We Unite Two Different Worlds?

It will be used as a payment method and a bonus unit in e-sports events.

At the same time, you will be eligible to participate in competitions organized with METAPUL tokens.

There will be surprise gifts and options to increase your token count.

What Are the Targets?

In the 21st century, games have entered the center of our lives. We have combined today’s games with economic gain, which are used to develop imagination and go beyond your thoughts. Do you wonder what the copy of your life in the Parallel Universe Meta does, where it lives, and what is missing or what is more?

In these different realities presented to you, you will develop your imagination and gain tokens. The price of tokens will always rise as they are bought and sold in the markets. The Token will not be kept to a single game. The project is currently being tested in beta for two games.

The project is a perfect opportunity for investors now, as it works entirely for the future.

Twitter: @pulproject

Telegram: @pulproject



Parallel Universe Meta | Pul Project

Parallel Universe Meta | Pul Project New Level GameFi BSC Token, it will created for games and contests. Soon it will be in games.